Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



If you want a dog that is capable of concentrated effort, then by all means start your puppy’s name with a “Z.”  This dog will not give up.  When they see an object of desire, this pet will find a way to capture it cialis over the counter.  Though you might consider your puppy a little eccentric, it’s only doing what comes naturally especially if they have personality traits that stimulate this quality already.

This animal can be submissive but prefers getting what he or she wants.  And generally does.  Using this compliant quality is employed to further your puppy’s ambition or that little obedience trait won’t be utilized at all.  This is not to say your puppy is stubborn but rather very intelligent and usually very successful in its undertakings.

If you find a puddle on the floor the “Z” named dog will admit it at once.  While this animal would rather not get disciplined it will not be dishonest either.

A dog with more than two “Z’s” in his or her name is more likely to be obstinate with just a touch of deceit in their doggy nature.  Refraining from using more than one “Z” and adding the letter “I” or “O” will help this trait.

“Z” dogs expect you to love and protect them.  Moreover, they get it.