Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



A dog with a name that starts with an “X” is very likely to need something like an “A” as it’s first vowel and positioned very close to the “X.”  The reason is that this pet is someone who doesn’t want to leave home, at all.

If, before being named, this dog already has personality traits of staying close to you, then don’t exacerbate the situation by giving more than one “X” in the name and make sure you add some other letters that will give him or her the impetus to wander just a little.  Too much closeness can make a neurotic pet.

On the positive side, this is truly a pet that loves home and family.  They don’t mind being lesser animals in the pack.  This dog just wants to be an integral part of the pack.  This pet needs enduring love and stability.  Without it, it can become suspicious and passive.

Having the traits of one of the most understanding animals of all other dogs, it is also very calm in demeanor and looks for a harmonious family relationship.  If you can give your dog this kind of home life, you’ll have a friend for life.