Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



Starting your dog’s name with a “W” will make your dog more aware of its surroundings and all the people, pets and places inhabiting that environment.  The puppy with a “W” started name is resourceful.  If lost, it can find food and its way back to you if at all possible.

This dog is capable of versatility and has an excellent memory.  Therefore, try to only create good memories because those are then the ones he or she will remember.  Others will want to pet your little friend.  So you might have to beware all the attention.  If your personality is one that enjoys attention too, this puppy will certainly bring more of that your way because he or she never meets a stranger kamagra price.

If you place more than two “W’s” in the name you might bring into being a dog that others shy away from instead of being drawn to because he or she might be a tad unstable.  A dog with restless personality traits when you meet them should be limited on the amount of “W’s” in his or her name.

Pair the letter “W” with an “I” and you will bring in more attributes of a people-loving dog.  Other animals will love your baby as well.