Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



A puppy dog that has a “V” for the first letter of his or her name has very powerful emotional needs that have to be fulfilled.  A need for a stable home is the most important for this kind little creature.  Their home environment has to be nurturing and calm as well.  Otherwise, you could find yourself with a listless animal that has no desire for joy.

Compassion is not only something this pet is full of and willing to give but it also likes to receive.  If it doesn’t receive what it considers its share of kindness you may have a very unhappy dog.

If your puppy’s personality is submissive when you meet it for the first time, then don’t give it a “V” letter in its name or more especially to start it’s name.  This letter will only enhance a characteristic you may not want to express.  But if your puppy is very outgoing in personality, you may want to temper that trait with the “V” letter.

Don’t be surprised if you notice this little animal mothering you more than you wish.  That’s the “V” lettered intention.  Though he or she is receptive to new ideas, this puppy generally believes it’s his or her idea and then will pass that idea on to you.   Because this dog has a mothering nature, they tend to be very understanding when you commit some type faux pas but you know that mothers don’t always allow you to get away with the error oesterreichischeapotheke.at.