Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



A dog whose name starts with an “R” or who has more than one of these letters in his or her name is a joy to be around.  They love everyone and want to be helpful.  After all, that is his or her role in life.  And this puppy is generally rewarded for their good deeds.

With more than two “R’s” in your furry friend’s name, you might find a little less pliable personality, who wants to dominate all he or she comes into contact with.  This impulsive little being only thinks of the creature comforts.  So too much of an “R” letter is not a good thing.

Your loyal puppy, whose name starts with an “R,” will want to protect you or anyone they love at all costs.  He or she won’t think of the consequences when they’ve got your well being at heart.  And this puppy won’t give up the fight until he or she can no longer participate.

Though this puppy loves all the accouterments of beauty and wealth, he or she can be happy with just the basics if your baby dog has your love.  Generally, he or she doesn’t mind sharing but don’t let anyone try to take from them.  They’ll give selflessly but can’t stand another dog that tries to dominate and has no manners.