Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



If you lead your dog’s name with a “Q,” you’re giving him or her the best possibility of being what you may consider a dreamer, especially if your puppy already has that personality trait.

Please don’t add a letter “Y” to the doggy name that starts with or has more than one “Q.”  It can create tremendous turmoil within your baby puppy’s life.  It may not happen when he or she is young but it will manifest.  Your “Q” lettered start of a name promotes items coming to fruition and you’d hope it would be for the better.  The letter “Y” when added to the “Q” name will cause the already idealistic dog to have even more reason to become secretive and solitary but one who wants to explore too.  It could make your cherished puppy a little more aggressive but one who tries to hide this trait.

This puppy will want everything that a dog could wish for including balls, and all sorts of toys, the best bed even if it’s yours and food for the gods.  Moreover this dog won’t settle for less but may have to because of the strong “Q.”  That’s just so your pup will learn the best lessons in life.  You might have to take a firm stance with this powerful ally because when he or she doesn’t get what they want, your dog may become ruthless in his manner of obtaining his prize.