Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



Give your puppy dog a name starting with the letter “P” and you’re in for an ambitious pooch that thinks he or she is leader of your pack.  Let your puppy know up front who holds that rank but you may still have to send the message home again and again.  For heaven’s sake, don’t name him or her “puppy” or even call them that or you’ll be struggling with who’s the boss all that dog’s life.  Not even the letter “U” can help you then.

The one thing your puppy dog will be is dependable.  If you use more than one “P” in the name you can depend upon the fact that he or she will try to take over the household.

Your “P” first lettered name of your dog may incite him or her to be more solitary than you’d like.  Again, add the vowel “U” to make him or her less independent.  Sometimes it’s nice to have someone to lean on.

This dog will love your loving on him or her.  A good rub down is just what this pampered pooch needs.  He or she will ignore their yearn to wander just so you can smooth their coat.  But don’t try to hold them too closely.  You could get a firm admonition for that.