Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



Dogs that have a name that starts with the fourth vowel, “O,” are very resourceful.  They can find items such as food and bedding wherever they travel.  And boy, do they love to travel.  Ready at a moments notice, you shouldn’t grab the keys to go anywhere without them because they can become obstinate especially if they have more than two “O’s” in their name.

Your puppy with an “O” name needs harmony.  Though they like to take a trip they want all the details worked out perfectly.  Relationships could get rowdy if everyone isn’t happy and this puppy wants dependability more than any other aspect in his or her life.  Not only that but this dog worries about the ones they love more than most.  Thus this puppy expects the same set of circumstances in its life for its doggy parents too cliquez içi


For them, being ambitious with just a touch of home wherever you roam is the best in life.  Constant learning is another item they appreciate.  Teaching them new tricks keeps this little dog, no matter it’s size, content.  Endless mind games keep your active puppy at the top of it’s game.

With three or more “O’s” in this puppy dog’s name, you might notice a conceited puppy that will not give in to anyone.  To keep this dog from becoming overly motion motivated, add one or a couple of “D’s” to his or her name.