Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



A dog with a name that starts with an “N” is going to need a place to come home to after a hard night.  These inquisitive puppies will assert themselves when they have to in a calm friendly manner.  But all who come into contact with this dog knows that they need to be very careful not to push the wrong buttons.  Even though this sweet puppy has a wonderful disposition, they have a bite worse than their bark.

Quick-witted and sometimes the least bit impatient this puppy dog greets each day with enthusiasm wondering what new adventure they will incur.  When this dog really wants something it has an arsenal of ways in which to supply its needs in retrieving said desire.  You may as well give in now because and “N” named puppy will keep on keeping on with no regard to the impact it has on you.

It’s not unusual to see other pets following the innovative dog whose name starts with an “N.”  If the letter “N” is inside the name it doesn’t give as much power to the letter but you still see some of the same results especially if there are two “N’s” in the name.  More than two “N’s” can create a restless dog that can’t be satisfied.

To ease some of the powerful thought associated with an “N” letter starting the name of your dog, add the vowel “U” somewhere close.