Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



When your dog’s name starts with an “M” you’ll find a puppy who is very imaginative but that is also not sure whether he or she should be.  An emotional war emerges.  Should I let the happy, creative side go first?  Or should I let my more practical side show through?  Pairing a vowel such as an “A” will lend to the more original thinking side.  An “O” vowel will have this puppy dog thinking more on the reliable side.

The “M” lettered name for a dog will always create a desire for a stable environment but they’ll want to have little adventures with family too.  Having a friend is important to this puppy even if it is only a stuffed animal.  Human friends mean a lot to them and, other than themselves, those friends are the only ones they truly try to please.

This dog is up for anything when mommy or daddy’s involved.  The world is their oyster and they love trying new things.  The only item they need is security to enjoy their pioneering ways.  And a little laughter.  This puppy doesn’t take life as seriously as most.  Play is a given and one of their favorite things as long as that play involves someone they love.  Much more than that, this puppy will wait for as long as he or she must just to have you throw the ball so your dog can have a run.  Unless the letter “M” is paired with a “B” or a “V,” you won’t notice much guilt heaped upon by your puppy for you’re not playing with him or her.

“M” letters in your dogs name, if not more than two, will give you ample opportunity to laugh at their antics.