Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



Starting the name of your dog with the first letter “L” will create in your pet a love for home and family but also one that likes a vacation away on occasion too.  This dog is receptive to change and can make a bed for itself anywhere.  This dominant pet’s attitude is that wherever he lays his head is home.

A dog of the male gender with a roaming personality before getting a name and given the first letter “L” in his name will always be looking for love, sometimes in the wrong places.

Emotion is what carries the puppy with an “L” lettered name.  If you have two or more of “L” letters in your dog’s name, you might notice a very troubling malicious attitude coming from your pet that is quite outspoken.  Barking will be the least of your puppy’s problems.

With only one “L” in your puppy’s name, he or she will want to make you happy while making life better for him or her.  If you like to see new places, then both of you will be happy.  Cuddling and independence are each part of this pet’s personality.  Figuring out which personality trait your puppy is exhibiting at the time is the hard part of living with this loving creature site internet