Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



A letter “K” beginning your puppy dog’s name might have them running over their own feet especially if they have over one “K” in his or her name.  This animal can be a little more prone to falling because they’re always looking at some far off goal instead of watching where they’re going.

When using the “K” as the first letter, it would be better if you gave your dog a “D” or a “U” letter to keep them from flying the coup, so to speak.  This pet always sees greener pastures around the corner.  Make sure you give them letters in the name that keeps them close to home.

If they have a very submissive personality, the “K” can make them more aggressive and is good for this puppy’s confidence.  But if your puppy is quite small, you may not want them to become too confident.  A bigger dog may not realize we’re trying to increase self-assurance in your smaller pet.

This puppy will have a very hard time sitting motionless.  He or she has nervous energy because really, this puppy dog has a hard time sitting still.  A dog with a restless personality shouldn’t be given the letter “K” to start its name.  If you like long evenings by the fire with a good book to read and your doggy friend by your side, give you dog letters in its name to offset its wandering “K” personality.