Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



Starting your dog’s name with the letter “J” can make your pet notice it’s creative ability in much broader terms.  Learning that there is a lock on the gate first, it’ll then come to a decision as to how it can open the gate.  This is only to find out what the world really looks like because this dog knows his or her yard is not all there is.  Nothing in this puppy’s world is blocked to them.  If this puppy is unable to find a way out of the fence, it’ll stop, think and create what it believes to be on the other side of the gate.

Very intelligent, the dog with a first letter “J” will make its doggy parent wonder how it got to be so smart.  With an animal that has the right personality, it’s easy for you to call this puppy the “Einstein” of the dog world.  Under precise circumstances, yours may be a dog that unrolls toilet paper throughout the house without breaking the roll.  This talent may make you wonder if your pet is truly cleverer than you.  Your dog might be the smartest pet in the world but the mess of toilet paper is left for you to clean.  Remember though.  With invention, you have disarray.  If you don’t want to be playing Watson to your dog Holmes, watch how many “J’s” you put into your puppy’s name.

When you really search your puppy’s eyes, you’ll think that your dog can see through you.  And he or she very well may.  This pup is a thinker and has aspirations to take him or her as far as they can go in life.  Put a letter “B” in your puppy’s name to give him a little more understanding on you two being partners.  Then he or she will recognize that you might want to walk around the meadow rather than scaling the mountain and it’s okay.  To each his own.