Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



A puppy dog with an “I” as the first letter of its name will defend you or any one it loves even to it’s own detriment.  This pet knows there is more to life than life itself.  And this dog lives life with this thought in mind, enjoying for the sake of enjoyment.

An “I” first name letter creates in the dog name wearer an altruistic nature meaning your dog might be the very one who mother’s animals other than the canine variety.  This dog is one such as you’ve seen on the news where doggy mother cares for baby tigers https://pharmacieinde.fr/viagra-pour-les-canadiens

.  Don’t be surprised if there is a favorite toy that sleeps with your puppy and you.

With too many “I’s” though you’ll probably get a dog that thinks only of self and cares for no other pet.  Anything he or she wants, as soon as this puppy wants it, without regard to consequences, is this pet’s cup of tea or dog biscuit.

Watching your “I” named baby dog can be fascinating.  When this puppy cares for someone or something, it really cares.  It’s ability to show concern for others is something that makes this dog stands out from the crowd.  Though its actions are unusual at times, it never fails to amaze.

To give your puppy the best in life pair the letter “I” with a letter “C” to bring humor into it’s intense life.  The letter “D” will give it firm basis in which to view the life’s cause it chooses to take up.