Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



For a dog that never gives up or in, start your puppy’s name with an “H.”  Although they may appear to be a little unconventional this pet will go after life and anything he or she wants with a never-ending spirit.  Saying no to this dog will only get them coming back again in another manner to get what they want.

A name beginning with an “H” makes your puppy dog want the best in life and they’ll use all their wiles to get you to make them comfortable, even if it costs you a bundle.  Be prepared to get the best dog bed or new sheets for your bed if that’s what your puppy wants.

This little animal can take more abuse than most but why should they have to prove their sturdiness?  As a tough puppy, you might think it’s okay to play particularly rough with them.  They won’t whine and will try to keep up even when hurt.  Remember not to pull too hard when the two of you are tugging on a pull toy.

With more than two “H’s” in the name you might notice your puppy dog seems ruthless in play.  That’s because he or she is and they can be quite hardheaded with their obstinate behavior.  This dog may not want to be potty trained.  Clean up will become a chore.  Remembering to love this determined creature will take some doing.  The war of minds will start.