Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



A dog with a name that starts with a “G” will like solitude more than most other pets.  He or she will live in a world of his or her own.  Ordinarily it’s not because they’re lazy but rather that this dog is contemplating the mysteries of life.  You’ll be able to tell by the thoughtful look it wears on its face.

Beware of too many “G’s” though because you don’t want a lazy animal and you might have a fight on your hands when you want to go walking.  A dog with more than two “G’s” is often quite moody and sometimes seems confused.  If you really love the letter “G,” then add something like an “O” to get your puppy up and out of the house.  It’s not the safety of the house that keeps them holed up.  It’s the opportunity to think.

Another thing your “G” named dog might do is have what you perceive as fantasy playmates.  But without distressing you, please note that those playmates may not be fantasy at all.  “G’s” can often see those who have passed on.  So if you find your dog starring at one spot too long, you might observe that you and your puppy are really not alone.