Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



If you want loyalty in your dog, then by all means, start the name with the letter “F.”  But don’t give it a name like “Iffy” with two “F’s” because you could create a more unreliable personality just like the name implies.

With an “F” in your puppy dog’s name, he or she will want life to be pleasant, with nothing out of the ordinary.  Don’t for one minute believe this dog wants a boring life though.  It’s just that he or she wants honesty, truth and the American way.  Sounds like superman and this pet truly tries to be that in it’s family role.

The “F” dog tries to take care of all he or she loves.  Idealistic about family life, your “F” lettered puppy dog has a totally romantic view of those in his or her family and wants no one to interfere with that thought.  This puppy dog is happy as a little lark staying at home where its loved and adored.  No bright lights for this furry friend.  Home is truly where the heart is.