Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



If you want a puppy dog that can learn to open his or her puppy cage and let his or her self out to explore the world, use an “E” letter to start the name.  Just for good measure give them another “E” somewhere in the name, especially if the dog’s personality is more subdued.  But if you give them more than two “E’s,” you may have a dog that thinks only of herself.

This puppy needs to explore everything, all the new sights, as far as the eye can see and any odor brings on a search for what’s creating it.  Remember too that this puppy when searching for just the right odor and just the right place could get some on them if you know what I mean.  All of this cleanup, just to learn about a new smell.

An “E” named puppy dog uses all it’s senses to lead its life.  A butterfly might take them to far away lands, really.  Add a letter that will create some stability in your puppy dog’s life such as a “D” or an “N.”

“E” named dogs rarely sleep, especially if they have more than one “E” in the name.  They might miss something and that’s an event that will bother them more than anything.  The “E” puppy isn’t the calmest dog on the block either.  So, be smart and give a stabilizing influence to name.  Then you’ll be using the name to help your dog getting the characteristics you need for a calm family life.