Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



If you want a steady, calm nature in your dog, then give your puppy a name that starts with the letter “D.”  Even if your puppy boy or girl isn’t the strongest dog in the pack, you might believe he or she is because of the “D” influence with it’s strong fundamentals.  And they’ll try their best to uphold your faith in them.

“D” puppies are not old-fashioned even if they appear to be.  And this puppy dog will appear to be at times.  They try to be helpful and because of that might be seen as a little too conventional.  They only act that way because they’re striving to make you proud of them.

If the letter “D” is the beginning of the name, you’ll note that your puppy looks at the world in a very sensible manner.  Add other letters like the “A” or “J” to liven up his or her dog world.  Make them want to scamper around the yard in a mad dog abandon rather than stoically marching on.

If you put too many “D’s” in your puppy’s name, you may create a careless dog that totally lacks the qualities you’ve tried to instill.  So refrain from using over two of these strong “D” letters unless you want only a drudge dog that would rather work than eat.