Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



If you want your puppy dog to be the comedian of the neighborhood, start his or her name with the letter “C.”  They’ll find humor in all they do and spread it to anyone who’ll watch.  These lucky pets are some of the most brilliant.  If your puppy dog has a “C” starting his or her name or even within the name, they’re more likely to wake up in a great mood each day.  And though they’re really sweet animals, if they get their feelings hurt, they’ll quite likely tell you about it a loud manner.

You’ll have to take long walks with this furry critter because they’ll have enough energy for you and the energizer bunny.  So watch how many “C’s” you add to that puppy’s name unless, of course, you’ve given up your gym membership.

Another thing about this strong “C” named puppy is that they know they’re right.  And they want you to know they’re right.

Puppy dogs with prominent “C” letters in their name never meet a stranger.  This may create a little concern for you as a doggy parent from time to time.

This puppy dog’s idea of fun is just to be with you.  And they don’t mind extended family either.  Once you become part of their pack, they’ll treat you to some furry antics you won’t soon forget.