Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



You want your little bundle of fur to be gentle and submissive, start his or her name with the letter “B.”  Use this letter wisely though.  If your dog is a handful already, the letter “B” will create in him or her an urge for a little more understanding nature.  Perhaps his touching attitude after using his puppy teeth to shred your arm will make you feel a little better about having your chosen particular breed of dog.

Unless you’re really trying to drive your puppy to drink, and I don’t mean water either, don’t put the letters “K” or “T” in the name with a given name starting with the letter “B,” especially if your puppy’s personality is one that shies away from anything scary.

Puppy dogs whose names start with the letter “B” are the parents of the world.  As such they think they know better than others about what’s best for everyone but they don’t try to push their opinions on others.  If in a bad mood, they can be a little malicious but will feel bad about it later.

If you want to give your puppy dog a more domineering trait in his or her personality, then use the letter “B” as the first letter of the name and add other letters such as an “A” or “E” to add more exciting characteristics to their ho hum worlds.  He or she might chew a doormat but this dog certainly won’t one.