Letters of your dog's name have meaning!
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Puppy Dog Name



If you’re naming a puppy, be very careful in using the letter “A” as the first letter in your puppy dog’s name.  Before naming your dog baby, watch your pet for a little while first.  See if they’re aggressive and independent.  If they are don’t add to your dilemma by starting your puppy dog’s name with the first letter of the alphabet.  This will only add to his or her forceful and free attitude.  But if your idea is to watch your pet’s behind as they scamper under the fence looking for greener pastures, go ahead.  Either you have an ambitious personality too or you’re a glutton for punishment.

Egotism for a puppy dog with a dominant attitude and given an “A” letter to start his or her name to boot really makes them number one.  The first thing you should do before naming little Alphie is to check the size of his feet.  Big feet means little Alphie is going to be a big dog.  If you’d rather be leader of your pack, put the letter “A” into the name surrounded by something like a “B, D, or G” to limit some of that behavior.  Starting your dog’s name with an “A,” if his or her personality is already one that doesn’t play well with others, can possibly make him or her less likely to have any friends, human or furry.

On the other hand, if you have a puppy dog that needs more self esteem, prop him or her up by starting with an “A.”  Give him or her another in the name just for good measure.  But don’t give your baby puppy more than a couple of “A’s” because more is not always better and can make a sweet puppy go bad.  With three or more “A’s” your dog can become the slightest bit self-centered.